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Monday, March 11, 2013

2007 top 12 Idol shines with his first debut album

SONGS OF BROTHERHOOD – That’s the title given to the fresh and amazing debut album cooked for a great seven years by singer and songwriter Sabelo Mthembu.

Fuse into his soulful Jazz sound and forget about bad music!

Seems like being eliminated on the top 12 Idol’s contestants Mthebu managed to beat the odds and  pursued his music career further, with his hot jazz album he boasts about a wealth of experience and being a very diverse musician.

The nine (9) track album is a sure to get, especially if you love good music. I can’t lie and say which song is bad because you get a listening pleasure from the first song titled, UNGUMFOWETHU (Song of Brotherhood), to the very last song titled, What If I was Broken?

Songs of Brotherhood –

Ngelinye ilanga iyoshabalala inhlupheko siyohlala ngokunethezeka sonke / Yekela abazizwe badle ifa okwesikhatashana, isintu sithi isinamuva liyabukwa / ngelinye ilanga iyodilika indlu yendlala…

What If I was broken?

Deep in the darkened hour / when the moon retires her beaming face beyond the cloud / I’ll be finding my way though wondering where you are / There’s no way I’d fall besides you, no / What if I was broken? / Would you let me go? / I’ve travelled miles and miles down the dusty roads weeping for my country / Empty promises / land of milk and honey / Tell me what this is / For I am your brother / I may not know you, no / Born of one mother / Lift me when I’m low…

The debut album also carries the following great songs, Dreaming in Cairo (Sabelo wrote this song in his hotel room and during that time in Cairo there was a war…), Ofana Nawe, Angiphili Mawungekho, Darling Why?, Lay Me Under Your Love, Phola Nhliziyo and Woza Sthandwa.
Songs Of Brotherhood is available in all major record stores, iTunes and if not on the shelves kindly request and you won’t regret buying the album.

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