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Friday, February 8, 2013

Orange AFCON SOUTH AFRICA 2013 Closing Ceremony - Artists Announced

A dramatic 3 week Orange AFCON SOUTH AFRICA 2013 tournament will come to a close with an equally thrilling Closing Ceremony, with the confirmation of 6 artists who’ll be participating in the event.

Nigerian superstar D’Banj, South African songbirds Zonke & Thembesile Ntaka Kenyan vocalist Muthoni,  South Africa’s powerhouse vocalist  Kelly Khumalo and smooth house music group Micasa will all be performing at the Closing Ceremony, which is set to commence at 18h30 on Sunday, 10th February at the National Stadium.

The ceremony will be preceded with a brief presentation and performance from Yvonne Chaka Chaka, in her capacity as a goodwill ambassador for the Roll Back Malaria Partnership.  She will be accompanied by soccer veteran and champion of the ‘United Against Malaria campaign, Mark Fish, who’ll provide a brief address on the issues surrounding Malaria in Africa. Following that, Durban heroes DJ Tira Big Nuz get the crowd pumped in preparation for the Closing Ceremony. 

The Closing Ceremony event, which will reflect the African continent’s more urban and contemporary side, will be enriched by the youthful energy of the performing artists. From the soulful delivery of Zonke and Thembesile, Kelly Khumalo’s soul-stirring vocals, Muthoni’s intoxicating beats, to D’Banj and Micasa’s sizzling onstage energy, the Closing Ceremony is set to deliver 30 minutes of pure hotness.

As the LOC, our brief was that this tournament, which has captured the continent’s imagination, be concluded with a dazzling finish.” says Orange AFCON SOUTH AFRICA 2013 CEO”  “The 16 participating soccer teams have delivered non-stop thrills in terms of on-the-ground play, and the Closing Ceremony needed to reflect that. We’re delighted with the entire look, feel, sound and texture that the team has come up with for the Closing Ceremony – a memorable ending to an unforgettable tournament.”

 The artists are equally enthusiastic…

As an artist who’s always striven for Pan-African appeal, this is precisely the type of event I enjoy performing at” comments D’Banj. “There’s nothing quite as thrilling as a live performance at a show of this magnitude – and when we add the aspect of ‘the beautiful game’ – then it’s just perfect. We’re going to give the audience a show that they’ll never forget – and that’s a promise!

Participating in the Closing Ceremony has proven to be a wonderful way to start the year”

Comments Zonke “The show represents a wonderful platform to reach a huge audience, and showcase what we have to offer. I’m a big fan of artistic collaborations, and I also love live performances – the immediate, real-time response you get from the audience is unrivalled – so this show combines some of my favorite things about being a performing artist. It’s going to be an incredible evening of excellent African entertainment!”

All eyes have been on this tournament for the past three weeks, and the focus on Sunday is going to be intense!!” comments Kelly Khumalo “The creative team have put together SUCH a great production, it’s going to blow everyone away – I’m so glad to be a part of it!”

 “So far, 2013 has been a blessed year for us” enthuses Joao, Micasa’s lead vocalist “Being able to perform at the conclusion of Africa’s hugest football tournament, with artists that we have so much respect for, is a real honour. We’re going to pull out all the stops – this is our favorite kind of performance, and we plan to rock it HARD!”

Thembesile says “Being a part of the Closing Ceremony is definitely a career highlight! The entire tournament has been so exciting, it’s got the whole continent fixated – I’m thrilled  to be a part of the event that rounds it all up! My performance will highlight what the African Continent is about!!”

“Being a part of the Closing Ceremony has been so inspiring ”  Muthoni comments “The incredible creative concept, the camaraderie amongst performing artists and dancers, not to mention the thrill of performing to such a large audience – I’m loving every part of it!”

Broadcast to an audience of 1 billion viewers, the Orange AFCON SOUTH AFRICA 2013 Closing Ceremony will be a display of committed teamwork and collaboration amongst the LOC, production team the VWV Group, the Department of Arts & Culture, and the dancers and performing artists.  It is a loving tribute to the game of soccer and an exemplar of the tournament theme, Celebrate Africa – The Beat at Africa’s Feet!


Isuued by Marang Setshwaelo | Dreamcatcher

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