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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

He went blind after a few nips of Vodka but Johnny Walker saved him

For Denis Duthie a bottle of whisky was exactly what the doctors ordered.
And one even rushed off to the bottle store for the vital "medicine."
Mr Duthie, a Taranaki chef, had Johnnie Walker whisky tube-fed directly into his body by doctors at Taranaki Base Hospital after a heavy vodka drinking session took a horrible turn.
In July this year Mr Duthie, a diabetic of 20 years, was admitted to the hospital's intensive care unit after he went blind while drinking at a 50th wedding anniversary party. Reported the Stuff
The Huffingtonpost reported. Duthie, 65, had taken a few nips from a bottle of vodka to celebrate his parents' 50th wedding anniversary in June, The New Zealand Herald reports. But as he walked into his bedroom, Duthie's world turned black. 

Mr Duthie supplied the Taranaki Daily News with his Taranaki District Health Board medical records outlining his unusual hospital treatment.
The notes say doctors suspected the 65-year-old was suffering from formaldehyde poisoning and they decided to start an alcohol infusion into his stomach via a tube through his nose.
One should now really imagine South African Hospitals, you would have been dead or something by now. Surely our local Doctors won't go that far to explore their practice, after all, that's why a Doctor is "practicing."
 This is amazing and big ups to Johnny Walker Whiskey for saving the man who went blind after a few nips from a bottle of Vodka. 
We don't encourage the dangerous use of alcohol but 'Keep Walking'

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