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Sunday, August 12, 2012

How does it feels like to be text-dumped after sex?

After talking to her getting to understand her pain, fears and trauma I concluded a lot from her experience.

She told me that he was her DREAM, he could offer her all her heart's desires and make life heavenly for her. Sadly she dropped everything to focus on this “dream”.

It then hit me that a lot of girls make this mistake, we fail to understand that guys are just fantasies of which we wish will result in a dream come true. Don’t get it twisted, YOU are a dream. You are all things beautiful and true, So he’s not a dream YOU ARE A DREAM COME TRUE TO HIM!

You were faithful and all to him but sadly human beings fail to see what they have while it's still in their presence, we realized what we had when it's gone, so this just means you will be taken for granted by someone in your life someday. When you experience pain, it doesn’t mean you are a horrible person. It just simply means those people are too blind to see your worth. Don’t worry God sees every tear you allow to drop, feels every heartbreak you go through, He’s got something 100 times better for you in store… Just be patient. Don’t revolve your world around someone because when they are gone you are left with nothing, but if God is all you have, you have all you need and He will NEVER leave nor abandon you.

It came to my attention that this girl is full of potential and has the ability to succeed in life, her dreams were packed away in a box filled with dust somewhere where she had forgotten her life existed. Well I won’t say it's a dream, because dreams don’t always come true like the man she thought was her dreams. Dreams don’t last, we always have to wake up and face reality at some point or another.
I’ll call her “dreams” GOALS, those are achievable and realistic. With her potential EVERYTHING is possible, I refuse to say IF she achieves her goals, I’ll just say WHEN she achieves them. She can make anything happen, so can YOU!

I am sure we are all familiar with the phrase “everything happens for a reason”. I realized its God’s plan to remove him from her life, yes it might hurt and kill her but it's for her own good and she’s still alive. She’s young vibrant and spunky, now when this man came into the picture he clouded the vision God had for her life. God never allows things to happen too early nor too late, His timing is always perfect. He allowed her to go through this just so that she can appreciate the Romeo she will meet one day. He knew that when He removes him from her life, she will be able to remember the purpose her life has, she will be able to face situations head on because now she is a stronger and wiser young lady. She can now concur all that is thrown in her path and come out victorious. God saw that he is a roadblock to her success. That’s why I would like to believe that God replaced him with her goals, it's time she worked on her goals all and her future.

I wouldn’t advise her to turn back. She shouldn’t go back to him, it doesn’t matter what he says to her, sadly as women. We are extremely vulnerable, when you love someone as much as she loves him. When he apologizes she will let her guard down and forgive him then things only get worse and she will feel worthless and suicidal. She should allow the pain she’s going through to help her grow into a better wiser person, allow the tears to dry. When the leaves turn brown, dry up and fall… New green leaves pop up and bring life back into the world. Pain doesn’t last forever , she will look back on all of this and laugh. The best thing she can do is wear a smile on her face, love in her heart and success in her palm. And just simply wish him all the best! You aren’t Adele, don’t search for someone like him, you will be miserable your whole life. God will bring your superman at the right time, just you wait and see. **Dont forget MY wedding invitation**

I mean she is a successful pretty young lady and so are YOU, just BELIEVE in yourself.

Forgiveness is key, you should forgive yourself for allowing him to have such a hold on you and your life. Breathe! You have lived without him I’m sure the sun won’t change just because he’s gone, the sky is still blue and you are still beautiful and worthy of happiness! Ask God to renew you and the Holy Spirit to live within you.

Smile! Thank God for seeing a bright brand new beautiful day, Buy yourself a flower, eat your favorite chocolate and watch a movie. Love yourself and spoil yourself, because you deserve it**

I could say so much more but I feel it's wise to stop right here.
♥ Much love from me to you ♥
•• GodBless••

By Linah Thuleeh (Guest Writer and motivational Blogger)

The Original letter

I had to tell somebody. Somebody. ..No matter how close or not I am with that person, but you had to be that somebody…

We met in 2009 everything was all rosy and blooming, so perfect… Until he asked me to come with him here. KwaZulu Natal and I dropped everything my goals and dreams just to be with him & that forced me to lie to my family and I said it was for school purposes. They all kept on asking me why KZN? And I would just smile but at the back of my mind I knew it was because of the love I had for him. After deciding to break the distance and come join him, things starting to go a bit sour. You know. Small fights every now and then, but it was nothing a good talk couldn’t solve. And then 3 years later just yesterday. He made love to me. And gave me a long hug before I left in the late afternoon. I didn’t know that was him saying goodbye.

7:00pm (Local time) while sitting on the couch busy trying to text him that I arrived well. I get an sms from him, saying he wants to break up. Not timeout, or a short term break but a break up… This is the same guy I lied to my own blood for, just to be with him. This is the guy I would share my last penny with. This is a guy I thought was going to conceive kids for, cook for. And wash his feet and scrub his back everyday of our lives. Right now all I do is lie in bed and eat my tears as they flow down my chicks everyday… oh and I haven’t opened my bedroom curtains for 3 good days. Cause I'm afraid to face the day without him by my side, and out of my heart. I'm broken to pieces.

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