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Monday, April 9, 2012

We were waiting for my cousin, says Phila Mazibuko

This follows the series of pictures we published about Phila Mazibuko - On Soweto TV the LKG show he claimed to have been waiting with his cousin, of course, for another cousin who apparently, "She was coming from work..." So as pictured here, is this the "she" they were waiting for? As you can see the bag just down next to the cement pole - really "she" was coming from work...

Instead of saying he's gay or not he made examples like if people ask "Are you Phila Mazibuko?" You would say yes. And if people ask if you gay, well, you would say no. I mean what is the real deal here dude? It's a FREE country and it's your democratic right to be free. We are keeping our cameras rolling with a focus on you...

Following the series of pictures we published

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