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Friday, April 20, 2012

Angry Artist: I have been asking for the copy of my contract for the past 2 years

In South Africa the issue of musicians not having the copy of their contracts is becoming a norm. Yesterday speaking with an artist whose now became a friend it was very sad and touching when we went deep into the issues of his financial state. Last year the artist was among those who won Metro Fm Music Awards – but it is sad that the artist has faded to such an extent that he was never nominated with his bloody good music to the MTN SAMA 18.

"I have won an award - I have done something"

The artist is complaining about his slow progress though he’s under management. My question, whose duty to market, get gigs and radio and television interviews for artists? It is very sad to find out that when the artist tries to inquire about such he was told this, “We had conversations he kept on swearing at me calling me a spoiled brat, mom’s boy, selfish and I’m fu**ed up…” How do you then expect an artist to be in a good state with such management?

“He does not want to give me the copy of my signed contract, I have been asking it for 2 years now,” said the poor artist with good music. To every artist you have the right to the copy of your working contract. You need to seek legal help should your label or management refuse you that right. It is very unfair for managers to withhold contracts against musicians. We need not to be desperate when it comes to artists questioning their simple working agreements.

He also mentioned that he does not know what his duty is as an artist anymore even that of his record label. “I’m very sad when I ask about interviews and gigs he tells me he can do that if I come to Jozi because I always ask him a lot of things and he is working yena! We fight and the contract started all this!” To all artists’ managers it is your duty to get your talent or make sure they go to interviews and be on time. No artist needs to be next to you in order to get gigs, if you fail as a manager to do such please let the talent go somewhere else.

The artist also related to me that he’s stopped everything that he was doing to bring him money, “Today I don’t have a jag shit! I’m not a manager he must call me to tell me he’s got a gig or interview,” continued the sad soul, “I’m very sad I can’t sleep and I am stressed man.” In these cases I am sure that any contract has conditions attached to it and artists should seek legal action to acquire their contracts copy lawfully.

“His way of working I don’t like, I’ve worked with him 100’s of gigs but I have been paid only twice.” As much as I don’t know the conditions attached to those gigs financially but this is unfair and should be stopped. Artists cannot be treated like personal bank accounts at all.

The artist also claims to have done two performances at a gig that was held in Potchefstroom earlier this year, he said he was promised 10k but only got R3000. “There were deductions left, right and centre and I asked 10k excluding transport and he said yes.” He says that he owes him all this money that he had to use to come to Jozi for interviews and that is deducted from the cents he gets from gigs already. He also mentioned that he’s getting none as a monthly allowance from his record label at all.

All he knows if he can ask how much he owes them they will amount it as far as a total cost of lies that amounts to 500 000, maybe according to him (Manager). “I have also wondered why artists can’t last with him, we can’t all be wrong. I maybe wrong but not all of us.” The artist also uttered that his manager introduces him to people with a good attitude, “But when you meet him he will tell you how good he is but talk is cheap, work must be done,” shamed the artist, “I have done songs and I’ve won an award, I’ve done something!”

“I am in business with him and I am a father for that matter but he does all this to me, worse I am older than him but I give him the respect he deserves. He says I want people to feel pity for me, wow!” He also highlighted a very huge perception that it’s like someone out there is holding his things and is sort of plotting against him. Honestly there’s no such – marketing, distribution, promotion needs to be done proper.

“People are looking for the CD’s but can’t find them. It’s just promises.” Managers and record labels should stop singing promises by the late Brenda Fassie and start to deliver the services they promised to their signed talent. When he asked me what he must do, I simple told him I don’t know the terms of his contract and he must get a copy and see those so that he can demand work is done.

The artist said he has lost weight but, “I love my new and fresh look…” Managers should not get personal with artists the working relationship must be kept neat and tidy at all times. It is very sad to see good talent going to the debris because of managers who can simply not do their jobs. It was the artist’s decision not to involve his management here and this is my column. Really don’t know whether artists are scared of these managers or what!

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