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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Local is Lekker: Isidingo finally means the NEED

The all time characters
According to the SABC 3 website Isidingo (The Need) is a daily "serial" set in a mining village. The structure of the mining community from the lowliest workers to executive management reflects SA society as it is in the new millennium. The characters and story-lines deal with the issues which face ordinary South Africans in their daily lives – their loves, fears, problems, heartaches and triumphs.

“While you busy shagging your slut…” shouted the character Ayanda (Letoya Mangezi) in local the soapy. Although parental guidance (13) is advised I somehow because of the above quote saw this as not being enough and it should be visible on the screen on permanent basis.

Otherwise the series is the hottest in South Africa compared to Rhythm City (RC) which airs on etv (rival channel) at 18:30. My logic re-above is because Isidingo seems so real while Rhythm City gives us a simple sketch. You’ll remember that RC was once the biggest competition until SABC 3 decided to re-schedule time slots. Being scared of the competition from the rival soapy gave viewers a chance to watch both series’.

I am admiring the story line of the show, the way things crystallize from character to character. And of course the way they use language, is indeed awesome and localized with Mzantsi’s flavour. Hear me out, I am not encouraging vulgar language or whatsoever, but it is the language that is used mostly in townships by SA citizens and thus far the series is tackling issues faced by the confined people in their daily lives as promised.

Honestly if someone out there sees the series as not educating, well, then you need to give it a different sight. I must also make a clean breast that Isidingo had a huge challenge from the rival channel’s Rhythm City. Besides Isidingo changing slots they could’ve caught up with RC as time goes, I mean their props are so dull and we need a change somewhere somehow (Rhythm City).

As for now, until we catch a glimpse of Isidingo improving more or losing the plot let’s keep on turning our television sets to SABC 3 at 19:30 to watch the progression.

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